Where does the name ST Racing come from?

Our name is comprised of two thoughts. Originally, we were calling ourselves Storms Trooper Racing, play on the founders last name, but was shortened for posterity sake. However, there is another twist to the name and that is the french connection where “ST Racing” (esti racing) in french means, “damn-it racing”, which has a better Canadien influence definition.

Meet our team

We are a group of highly motivated racing enthusiasts.

Adam Podlosky

Adam is from Edmonton, AB, Canada. He is our master mechanic and fabricator. He is the mastermind behind the car modifications and is paramount to the success of the car. Adam started racing in 2016 with ST Racing.

Christopher Capowski

Chris comes to the ST Racing team from Ottawa, ON, Canada. He is our driving ace as he comes with many years of racing experience. Chris sets the bar for the drivers performance on the track. Chris is also our mechanic. Chris has raced in many race leagues and has hit the podium twice now. He started racing back in the 1980’s.

Cory Yarmuch

Cory hails from Edmonton, AB, Canada and owns Fountain Tire - Commonwealth. He is our main sponsor and driver. Cory started racing with ST Racing in 2016.

Dillon Storms

Dillon is from Edmonton, AB, Canada. He is currently apprenticing as a mechanic. Dillon started racing with ST Racing as well as a founding member of ST Racing in 2016.

Patrick Storms

Patrick comes from Edmonton, AB, Canada. He is the team Captain and along with Dillon, a founding member of ST Racing. He started racing in 2016.

Special Thanks

The following are key indifiduals who have mentored, helped and have been a big piece of our success.  Without them, we’d have never been as successful as we have become.  Each of you are greatly appreciated.

Brent Hougestol

Brent is our mentor. He has many years of experience in the professional racing arenas. Including the fun leagues like ChumpCar, Lucky Dog Racing, but also as a professional crew chief in NASCAR. His knowledge, support and mentorship was the critical foundation to our successes. Thank you Brent.

Ken Staples

Ken is another mentor of our race team. Ken has tons of racing experience and always a good source of information for us. We are always picking his brain on ideas, plans and such. Ken is another key individual who has helped us to succeed. Thank you Ken.

Ray Capowski

Ray has been always helping in the pits.   From allowing us to use his golf cart to do our running back and forth from pits to trailer.  To helping with all aspects in the pits.   Ray resides at Pigeon Lake, AB.   Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you Ray.

Bryce Kostick

Bryce was our first crew chief.   With his cart racing background and strong mechanical skills, helped us out immensley in our inagural race weekend.   Bryce was a big reason for our success in year one.   Bryce hails from Calgary, AB and we don’t hold that against him.  Thank you Bryce.