Our Car - “The RatsNest"

1997 Mazda MX6

The car that ST Racing currenlty drives is a 1997 Mazda MX6, which was purchased from Melvin Tan October 2015.

The car had approximately 80,000KMs and was meticulously cared for, but had a major issue with the motor. Unfortunately during a major rain storm during the summer, the car inhaled water in the air intake flooding the engine. This ruined the motor due to a push rod creating a crater in the side of the motor, causing oil to spill onto the road. The next purchase was a donor car, another MX6 Automatic, and we used that cars engine as our first race engine.

The car was gutted over the winter and all interior pieces removed in preparation for the installation of the roll cage, which happened in February 2016. The rollcage was designed and installed by Derrick Roschak from Didsbury, Alberta.

When we got the car back from Derrick, the car was then moved to Fountain Tire - Commonwealth to be transformed into the car we see today. Engine was refreshed with belts, gaskets and anything else that needed to be replaced. The car was meticulously updated by our master mechanic Adam.

The car comes standard with 170HP, 5 speed manual.

We have affectionately called this build the “RatsNest”. The reasoning behind this is that this old car, and Mazda design issues, makes the parts to find for this car very difficult to obtain, replace and repair. This build has been a tough challenge, but the end result is a proven contender on the track.

More information on the MX6 is located here.

Modifications to “The RatsNest"

Various updates as to the modifications we made to our car.

We continue to improve the car based upon issues that arise, performance that is below expectations and parts that are replaced.  We also need to mention, as safety requirements change, we stay on top of those as well.   Safety first….ALWAYS

Mods - Sept 2018

The Team has ordered a fuel cell, 18 gallon with an 11’ X 11” Holley Hydramat. Due to fuel starving issues limiting the driving stints to 1.5 hours only, this will allow each driver to get the full 2 hour stint needed to contend for another podium finish. We ordered a Pyrotech fuel cell from Mark.

We also ordered fronzen rotors rotors for the car, along with Raybestos ST43 front brakes. The Carbotech pads proved to be very poor for us. We settled on to try the Raybestos based upon forum recommendations, as well as Chris’ recommendation.
We are also going to try cryo-treated rotors to see how they stand up to the abouse of endurance racing.

Mods - April 2018

Oil Cooler
Rebuilt Motor by Brent
Carbotech Race Brake Pads

Mods - May 2017

Racecapture Pro MK3

Yonaka Struts and Springs

Purchased another donor car as we wrecked the engine from the 2016 inaugural race. Bearings were ruined.

Had the engine rebuilt by “The Block Shop” in Edmonton 

Mods - July 2016

Replaced motor
Swapped brakes with 2008 Mazda 6
Added Coolsuit
Installed windshield defroster
Fire suppression system
Radio Communications - Kenwood PCI
Fabricated Dash panel
Installed battery in rear of car
Porterfield Brake Pads in Front
Hawk Blues in the rear
Headers from eBay (Chinese) - caused major issues for two seasons due to collapsing flex joint material that went unnoticed.

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